Lara Zoë Steiner
Acanthodii: Dress Designed and fabricated for the Wharton Charity Fashion Show In Collaboration with Emilija Landsbergis
Acanthodii is a creature, that bends and forms along the frame it is given. The Acanthodii has three parts: the central body, the legs, and the feet. Both the central body (which doesn’t move) and the legs which grow out of the body (that do change) are made of rubber which has been cast in 3D printed molds. The legs are formed through a series of bends in the creature within which the metal feet of the creature come out. The feet work as a sort of mechanism, which the creature uses to attach itself to the frame to which it is connecting. In the Acanthodii: Dress, the creature bends around the body and forms to its curves. It is used as a way of revealing the seams of the dress and the body. The dress seams are revealed by pulling apart the sections of the dress and exposing them. The Acanthodii feet attach to the dress leaving a gap between the creature and the frame. The space exposes the frame (body) and the creature as separate parts that work together to give the Acanthodii’s final shape. In order to visually link the dress and the creature, the dress is created out of a custom rubber fabric.
Acanthodii at body seam Typical eye and hook connection Everbilt #10 zinc plated Acanthodii at body seam Custom rubber fabric
The custom fabric was created by creating a flat mold within which ordinary fabric was placed. Liquid rubber was then poured over the fabric and thinned out as to minimize the thickness of the fabric. The final outcome is a fabric which resembles rubber. Each part of the fabric is unique, with its own characteristic.
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