Lara Zoë Steiner
Acanthodii: Door Jamb Critic: Danielle Willems In Collaboration with Emilija Landsbergis
The Acanthodii: Door is an exploration into using a design strategy developed for a fashion piece into an architectural element. The idea behind the Acanthodii: Dress was to reveal seams through mechanisms. In this instance, a door jamb is seen as the architectural equivalent to the seams in a dress, as the seam in a wall. Similarly to how the creature and the dress are pulled apart by the mechanism to reveal the body, in the Acanthodii: Door, the creature and other architectural elements are pulled apart to reveal the structure of the wall. Typical materials were used in the model to express how the Acanthodii could be used in a real life situation. In the door model, the wall and floor are 3D printed and milled. They link the door jamb which the creature inhabits to the rest of the space. As the mechanisms of the Acanthodii pull on the wall, it creates folds in the wall. Similarly, as the Acanthodii falls into the floor it sinks into the ground and leaves a mark in the floor and creates reveals that pull off from the creature into the surrounding space.
Custom ceramic wall 'pleat' panel
3" wall cavity wall barrier
1/2" gypsum panel
Gypsum sheathing
2" rigid insulation
1 3/4" steel door Custom chrome eye and hook door joint system Custom chrome eye and hook panel clip joint for chrome 'pleat' panels Custom chrome door 'pleat' panel Acanthodii architectural rubber door jamb insert Finished floor Acanthodii architectural rubber floor insert 2" rigid insulation
1 Door close up
1 Door close up
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